måndag 6 juni 2011

Storåfestivalen 2011~

Yesterday was a "festival" i my hometown called "Storåfestivalen". I went there with my boyfriend and his brother 
It was lots of punk/rock/emo band, totally awesome music with another word

NoFence playing~

More NoFence

My feet and my boyfriend Theos feet, no size differences, nooo way 

Me and Timmy ( My boyfriends brother, i think u can see that they are siblings) 

My wonderful boyfriend Theo 

One of my best friends: Kajsa 

Bestfriend Sofie 

One of the most awesome ppl i ever known! ULLIS


Theo and Calvin with a longbord ( oh god, their love to longbords, a nice day and a stone road, haha)


Candy-rain for the kids.....why are Theo and Calvin doing? Have they been kids for 5minutes or? 

They even stood on their knees just to fit in, haha 

Kajsa and Theo ~♥

If u don't know where too put candypaper, put it in your boyfriends sock 

Awesome boy 

Please dear readers, don't even think about being athletic on a longbord when u can't even stand on it, the results will be BLOOD! 

When i get home i washed it and put on a Hello Kitty-bandage 

A happy end, i think 

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  1. Sv; Haha, jadu det är en ganska bra fråga! ^^ Jag stog och var fruktansvärt nervös i en timma, haha :(
    Kram! <3


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