torsdag 16 juni 2011

Last time it's we~♥

Lately i have been kind of busy with all "ending"-things, like cleaning school, give back books and keys and so on. So last night all 9th grade classes had their "farewell dinner". It was amazing but kind of sad, it was the last time we was all together TTATT

Anyway, here's some pic's from last night~

make-up ♥

Dress from New Yorker

Totally love to that maxi dress♥

I look kind of scary in this pic <.<'

One of my best friends, Frida♥

Crazy and best♥

The food was awesome!

But the desert was not so cool like the place ^^'

Frida found the "kid-area"

Me, Oscar and Coffa

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
Me with my class, I'm reading a speech.

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
Frida says someyhing to me and i look kind of "ööööh? serious? I don't give a damn about it" XD

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
I'm scary, right? C:


I will miss our crazy days, totally TT.TT♥

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