lördag 25 juni 2011

Some random shpping~

Heellooooo the world!~♥
Right now i'm sitting in my uncleaned room and drinking coffee 
I really need to clean it 'cuz tomorrow it's my b-day and i will have my family here 
Last monday i did some shopping with my best friend; Hanna, Anna and Kajsa 
I bought one pair of shoes, one pair of shorts, 2 perfumes and a top 

Wonderful shoese 

Aaaaand i also bought a tea-duck, hehe 

U put some tea leaves in a tea strainer and then your ducky can swim in your tea 

I will take some good pic's on the shorts and top, but right now i'm wearing them 

lördag 18 juni 2011

Last day, last we♥

Last day it was we~
My outfit for the day:
Hat - Lindex
Dress - H&M
Belt - Gina Tricot
Shoes - Skopunkten

Me talking with the principal

Our class getting theirs scores

Scholarship awarded out

I received a scholarship for my involvement in the school's student council and the school's anti-bullying organization

Looks like i'm dancing. haha XD

I look soo tiny ^^'

Some of my best friends ever and i will miss them all♥

Best class ever, right?!♥

I will miss u guys♥ It was 3 awesome years!♥

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Last time it's we~♥

Lately i have been kind of busy with all "ending"-things, like cleaning school, give back books and keys and so on. So last night all 9th grade classes had their "farewell dinner". It was amazing but kind of sad, it was the last time we was all together TTATT

Anyway, here's some pic's from last night~

make-up ♥

Dress from New Yorker

Totally love to that maxi dress♥

I look kind of scary in this pic <.<'

One of my best friends, Frida♥

Crazy and best♥

The food was awesome!

But the desert was not so cool like the place ^^'

Frida found the "kid-area"

Me, Oscar and Coffa

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
Me with my class, I'm reading a speech.

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
Frida says someyhing to me and i look kind of "ööööh? serious? I don't give a damn about it" XD

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]

[Pic owns by Marcus Onmalm]
I'm scary, right? C:


I will miss our crazy days, totally TT.TT♥

måndag 6 juni 2011

Storåfestivalen 2011~

Yesterday was a "festival" i my hometown called "Storåfestivalen". I went there with my boyfriend and his brother 
It was lots of punk/rock/emo band, totally awesome music with another word

NoFence playing~

More NoFence

My feet and my boyfriend Theos feet, no size differences, nooo way 

Me and Timmy ( My boyfriends brother, i think u can see that they are siblings) 

My wonderful boyfriend Theo 

One of my best friends: Kajsa 

Bestfriend Sofie 

One of the most awesome ppl i ever known! ULLIS


Theo and Calvin with a longbord ( oh god, their love to longbords, a nice day and a stone road, haha)


Candy-rain for the kids.....why are Theo and Calvin doing? Have they been kids for 5minutes or? 

They even stood on their knees just to fit in, haha 

Kajsa and Theo ~♥

If u don't know where too put candypaper, put it in your boyfriends sock 

Awesome boy 

Please dear readers, don't even think about being athletic on a longbord when u can't even stand on it, the results will be BLOOD! 

When i get home i washed it and put on a Hello Kitty-bandage 

A happy end, i think 

©Copyright Linnea 2011