söndag 3 juli 2011


Long time no see 
one week ago it was my birthday 
I celebrate it with my family, boyfriend and 2 of my best friends 
Buut many of my friend's couldn't come 
Soo Tuesday, June 28, some of my friends celebrate me 
And i have loooots of pictures and i'm gonna share some of them

Happy girl 


Starting the day with my friend FRIDA

Ice-cream 4 life 

And after like 4hours we decided to eat salad!

When Frida went home i did meet upp with these 2 [crazy] friends. Anna and i did buy somem oe ice-cream.
We was invited to a theater-preview, One of my best friends have a role as a cute little girl

Theeeen they took me to a pizza-place and invited (?) me on some pizza 

Anna and Magnus

The "little girl" Kajsa

See you soon!

lördag 2 juli 2011

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