torsdag 21 april 2011

BBQ part 1

Soo, I decided that i will not show you the pictures from EK11. Many of them are so private that i can't show them, haha
Anyway, last Monday i wen't one of my friends, BBQ-TIME!♥
Yaaay! First BBQ-"party" this year!

I really don't have time to write a thing about every single pic, but i'm gonna write my friends name under some pic's so you guys know who they are (#^_^#)♥


Wilma, Josefin and Linda (Find Wilmas blog under Friends in the menu!)




Our master chef's! 

That was part one! I have many more pictures, many <.<'' but they will i show later, tonight i think ^^
Now I'm gonna run to the bus and meet up with my cute friend Matilda

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