torsdag 31 mars 2011

a short post, many pics

Soo, tomorrow I'm gonna travel too a little city with some friends 
I can't update with crazy pics or something like that the hole weekend 
Anywaaay, heres some pics from last weekend

New eyelashes. Depend nr.8

Depend nail polish in the colours pink, glitter and yellow

White tights 

My übercool friend Sofie 

Craziest friend ever; Anna


Left to right: Nina, Anna, Theo and Lotta

Left to right: Sofie, Anna, Theo and Lotta

Left to right: Sofie, Anna and Theo

Left to right: Nina, Sofie, Anna and Theo (yeees, Sofie thinks that she can looks dangerous with Annas legs over her shoulder )

My shoes.

So this pics was the last, see ya on Tuesday! 

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